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How to Prepare for a Waxing Appointment

If you have a waxing appointment coming up soon, there’s no doubt that you want to prepare in the best way you can. By doing just a few simple things, you can make sure you get the very best results (and the smoothest skin) possible.

Below, we’re breaking down how to prepare for a waxing session at Tommy’s Wax Center.

Examine Your Skin

The number one thing you need for waxing is healthy skin. So, be sure to check all of the areas you’re planning to wax to make sure you don’t have any inflammation, cuts, or otherwise broken skin. These problems mean that your skin is too sensitive for waxing right now, so you’ll have to let it heal first.

Ordinary beauty marks and moles, on the other hand, aren’t a problem during the waxing process. Just be sure to point them out to your esthetician, so they can protect the areas during waxing.

Grow Your Hair

To achieve ideal waxing results, you’ll need to grow your hair long enough for the wax to encase it and pull it out by the root. If your hair isn’t long enough, the wax can’t grab the hair effectively, which can make the process more painful. Generally, you’ll need to have two to three weeks of hair growth (or about ¼ of an inch). In general, skipping shaving or other types of hair removal for a few weeks should get you to the right hair length for waxing.

Keep in mind that the ¼ inch rule typically only applies to body hair. Facial hair, on the other hand, is much finer and easier to remove, so it doesn’t need to be as long.


The day before your waxing appointment, use a product that gently exfoliates your skin. Exfoliation helps slough away dry flakes of skin, which makes your hair more easily accessible for waxing. A gentle exfoliating scrub applied with a washcloth can do the job perfectly. No need to use major pressure – a light touch is all you need to buff your skin.


During the week before your face, body, or bikini waxing appointment, be sure to moisturize your skin every day. When your skin is properly hydrated, it’s healthier and responds better to waxing. However, you should skip moisturizing (or applying any other kind of topical lotion, oil, or cream) on the day of your waxing appointment.

Before Your First Waxing Appointment

If you’re scheduling a waxing appointment for the first time, talk to your doctor about whether your current medications could interfere with waxing results. For example, certain prescriptions like Retin-A can make your skin vulnerable to damage during treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you temporarily discontinue certain medications for a couple of weeks before your waxing appointment.

Additionally, if you have any allergies, be sure to discuss them with your waxing specialist. This can help you avoid skin reactions so you can get the smooth skin you want.

For more information about waxing preparation and how to get the best possible results, contact Tommy’s Wax Center today!