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Expert Upper Lip Waxing in Connecticut

No woman wants hair on her upper lip, and with our lip waxing services in Connecticut, no woman has to. Whether your lip hair only shows up under the sunlight or you can notice it in the mirror, our lip waxing specialists will give you the confidence you need no matter the lighting.

Lip Waxing at Tommy’s Wax Center

Whether you are a seasoned waxer or you have never visited a lip wax salon before, Tommy’s Wax Center will treat you like a VIP and give you an exceptional lip waxing experience. We feature two carefully selected waxes—Ipanema hard wax and rose soft wax—that will feel soft on your skin. Our high-quality wax is applied at body temperature, so there is never any risk of burns, and you can be assured you will be left with smooth, supple skin. Our Connecticut lip waxing specialists will get to know you and your hair type and recommend the ideal lip wax for you. Then, they will strategically and carefully remove the hair.

Benefits of Lip Waxing in CT

While there are other hair removal options for your upper lip, like plucking or shaving, none of them will give you the benefits of visiting our CT lip wax salon:

  • Our lip wax specialists are experts at removing upper lip hair, and they will always treat your skin with the care it deserves.
  • Our high-quality wax removes your hair completely, unlike shaving, so you can go much longer without having to worry about it reappearing.
  • Many of our Connecticut lip waxing clients report that over time the speed of regrowth is slower and the hair is finer.
  • Once you receive a lip wax, you won’t have to spend any time in the morning getting rid of it.
  • With your lip hair gone, your makeup may go on better and look flawless.
  • You can go in the sun without wondering if your upper lip hair is visible.

Side Effects of Upper Lip Waxing

When it comes to upper lip waxing in Connecticut, we very rarely see any side effects. After the initial redness goes away (which should only take a few minutes), most of our clients are able to go straight to work or even on a date. Again, we only use the finest lip wax available, so the irritation or reactions you might have heard about from your friends don’t exist at our lip wax salon.

Regain Your Confidence at Our CT Lip Wax Salon

Life’s too short to worry about your upper lip hair. At Tommy’s Wax Salon, we want you to be confident in your beauty no matter where you are headed. With regular lip waxing at our Connecticut lip wax salon, your upper lip hair is a thing of the past. Stop by one of our conveniently located Connecticut locations to experience how incredible a hair-free upper lip can be.