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Gentle, Effective Underarm Waxing Near YOU? — It IS Possible, at Tommy’s Wax Salon in CT

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Where can I get underarm waxing near me?” Today we’ll answer that question! At Tommy’s Waxing Centers all over CT, we do underarm waxing, with the longest-lasting results (and least discomfort) of any salon you’ve ever tried. How does our underarm waxing salon achieve these stellar results? Our tactics are simple: we hire only the top professionals in the waxing profession. To ensure that we offer the best underarm waxing experience, our skilled Connecticut waxing aestheticians are focused on your comfort, as well as your underarm beautification.

Why Try Underarm Waxing?

Men and women all across Connecticut trust Tommy’s Wax Centers for expert underarm waxing. If you haven’t yet indulged in the luxury (and smooth skin effects) of an underarm wax at one of our local Tommy’s Waxing Salons, here’s why you should:

  • At our underarm waxing salon, we offer a high-end underarm wax experience–at an affordable price.
  • Tommy’s Wax Center has many convenient CT waxing salon locations throughout Connecticut.
  • Smooth underarms feel clean and sexy for weeks. (Waxing frequency depends upon your individual hair growth pattern and thickness, of course.)
  • Guys, smooth pits are great for men too–and not just models or bodybuilders! You’ll be surprised how great you feel and look with hairless pits! Your deodorant or antiperspirant will do a better job, too.
  • Tommy’s Wax Centers offer a choice of premium wax products designed to leave your underarm area as smooth as a newborn baby.
  • Our Connecticut wax technicians are experienced and approachable. Your technician will discuss your needs and assess your skin type to customize your waxing session.
  • There are no surprises. Our underarm wax specialists will explain every step of the process and clearly coach you on underarm wax aftercare. We’ll ensure that you enjoy smooth, hairless underarms for the longest possible time.
  • It’s not as painful as you think! Underarm waxes get easier and more comfortable over time. You’ll have less and less hair, hair will be less coarse and you’ll be relaxed and used to the process.
  • Our Connecticut salons are sparkling clean. We practice medical grade sterilization of surgical steel tools and use disposable waxing strips. We never double dip, to ensure a sanitized, comfortable and effective underarm wax for you.
  • At Tommy’s CT waxing salons, we’re here for you. If you notice we’ve missed a spot, return within 2 days for a FREE touch-up.
  • New to waxing? Your first session is FREE–and don’t worry, we’ll always provide the most gentle, yet effective, underarm wax experience for you.

Ready for the Best Underarm Wax of Your Life?

At Tommy’s Waxing Salons, we are your solution to the dilemma of where to find a “top underarm waxing salon in CT.” We’re dedicated to providing world-class customer care and you’ll find our staff of experts to be both friendly and meticulous. Friendly means you’ll always feel welcome and meticulous means our customer-focused team will ensure smooth underarm wax results. Tired of shaving nicks and cuts in your sensitive underarm area? Sick of running late for work or important dates while you rush-shave? Throw away your shaver–and contact Tommy’s Waxing Center today!