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Superior Waxing in Branford, Connecticut

Are you ready to eliminate stubble, forget razor burn, and flaunt gorgeous skin? At Tommy’s Wax Center in Branford, Connecticut, we take care of your face and body waxing needs. With our skilled wax specialists, high-quality wax, commitment to sanitation and a two-day guarantee, our Branford, CT waxing center allows you to finally throw that razor away and enjoy long-lasting, smooth skin.

We Hire the Most Talented Wax Specialists in Branford, Connecticut

Whether you want to remove hair on your body, face, or bikini area, the end results you will get may come down to the talent and skill of the wax specialists. At our Branford, CT wax salon, our specialists are extensively trained to perform body hair removal with precision. Our waxing specialists in Branford, Connecticut, are also well versed in all skin types and they will give you a full evaluation before completing the job to ensure the wax does not harm your skin, and to help minimize pain.

We Use the Finest Hard Wax in Branford, CT

At Tommy’s Wax Center in Branford, Connecticut, waxing specialists only use high-quality, custom-blended wax that was meticulously crafted to give you the best results. We employ both hard and soft wax depending on your personal preference, as well as what type of hair you have and where on your body it is located.

  • Ipanema Hard Wax – This is our preferred wax because it only wraps itself around your hair instead of attaching to your skin. Its gentle ingredients make this wax suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Rose Petal Crème Wax – Sometimes, clients prefer using a soft wax for larger hair removal areas, so we will use this luxurious wax. Specialists at our Branford, CT wax center will apply a pre-wax oil to help minimize the irritation that often occurs with soft wax.

Our Branford, CT Wax Center is Sterile and Sanitary

We understand that sanitation can be a concern. We go above and beyond to ensure the sanitation of our wax salon in Branford, Connecticut. Each item we use for body waxing is thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial solution and then treated with a hospital-grade disinfectant. To guarantee even the most miniscule bacteria is removed, we also put all of our tools through an autoclave machine that is commonly used to sterilize surgical instruments.

Our Branford, Connecticut, Waxing Services Are Guaranteed

When you visit Tommy’s Wax Center, you receive some of the best waxing in Branford, Connecticut—we guarantee it. In fact, if you discover any hair that we missed while you were at our wax salon, you can come back within two days for a free touch up. With our affordable pricing and a monthly membership option, there is no reason not to indulge in the benefits of waxing.

To experience how smooth your skin can really be, stop by Tommy’s Wax Center in Branford, Connecticut, today, where your first wax is always free.