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Tommy’s Waxing Salon in Southington CT

If you’re a fan of smooth, touchable skin, we’re here to help you maintain it, effortlessly. At Tommy’s Wax Salon in Southington, CT, we use only the best, most effective hair waxing technique, with high quality wax, to give your skin the look and feel you want. Even people with sensitive skin trust Tommy’s Wax Center to get (and stay) hair free. It’s time to toss your razor for good, because there’s a convenient Tommy’s location near you in CT, including our Southington waxing salon.

A Terrific Wax Doesn’t Just Happen…

You’re in skilled hands when you visit Tommy’s Waxing Center in Southington, Connecticut! Our wax salon is staffed with only the best, most attentive and talented waxing professionals. We ensure that you have a comfortable waxing experience and superb results every time you visit. Our waxers are known for their gentle yet effective hair removal technique, their attention to detail and their client services skills.

Just the Right Wax: It Makes All the Difference

In addition to top-notch waxing technique, performed at a reputable wax center–using the best wax for the client’s skin is also crucial. That’s why we only use these premiere body waxing formulations to banish your unwanted facial or body hair:

  • Ipanema – This highly effective hard wax formulation makes body hair disappear in an instant. This wax was designed to wrap tightly around the hair–without attaching to or pulling on your skin. Most skin types can get great results with Ipanema wax.
  • Rose Petal – For hair removal on large areas of the body, we offer Rose Petal Crème wax as an option. Before using this softer wax, we apply a pre-treatment oil to your skin, to reduce post-hair-removal skin tenderness.

The Only Way to Wax: Sanitized for Your Protection

In the waxing biz, a strict sanitation protocol is everything. At our Connecticut wax salon, our staff of perfectionists ensures that all instruments and surfaces used in the waxing procedure are properly cleansed, disinfected and sterilized using hospital-strength antibacterial products. Any porous items that cannot be cleansed are used only once and disposed of. In order to have a comfortable waxing experience, you need a certain level of confidence and trust that our staff is not only skilled–but also careful and thorough. We never rush our cleansing procedures and we never take shortcuts to maintain a scrupulously clean waxing environment for you.

We’re Confident You’ll Love our Work

In fact, we guarantee it. At Tommy’s Connecticut waxing center, you’re always welcome to stop back and see us within 2 days, if you notice any hair left behind on your treated skin. We’ll touch up the area so that your result is flawless! At Tommy’s Wax Salon, there’s no charge for your first wax–so give us a try! After that, you’ll find our waxing services very affordable and, if you choose a monthly waxing center membership, you’ll save even more.

Get the best waxing results from hair removal experts right here in your neighborhood at Tommy’s Wax Center in Southington CT. Contact us today.