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Sideburn Waxing Can Change Your Life

If our title seems over the top, that’s only because we are enthusiastic about our profession! Today, we’re calling all clean-cut types in the CT area! Do you love a clean and smooth face? If you fall into this category and you’re here in Connecticut, you need never ask yourself “where can I find sideburn waxing near me?” Your nearest full-service Tommy’s Wax Center is likely just down the street. We specialize in quick and gentle waxing techniques for all body wax needs, including sideburn waxing on females and males.

Sideburn Waxing for Women

Yes, you read that right. Sideburn waxing on females IS a thing! Even though women might not call the fine facial hair in front of the ears “sideburns,” we get lots of female clients interested in this service. Many women simply prefer having a completely hair-free face, except for artfully crafted eyebrows–and we’re happy to accommodate with facial hair removal for any gender. After all, waxing is the best sideburn solution for females. Shaving small amounts of unwanted facial hair isn’t a good option. Stubble, razor burn, and skin cuts can result, especially since it’s likely you’re not as good with the razor as the next guy.

Sideburn Waxing Benefits

Here are the top 8 advantages of a good sideburn wax session, as stated by our customers:

  1. No more shaving: Shaving can be murder on your skin, especially if you’re rushing to get ready for your day. Shaving leads to nasty skin cuts, ingrown hairs and irritated skin. Save time and money with a face and body wax.
  2. No need to pluck: Plucking facial hair is frustrating and time consuming. Try getting the hairs out in one fell swoop, with professional sideburn waxing in CT.
  3. One less morning chore: When you eliminate shaving with professional sideburn waxing, you save yourself a few minutes almost every day. Less hurry = less stress.
  4. Absolutely smooth facial skin: If you’re a fan of being clean cut, eliminating the facial fuzz (or forest) with sideburn waxing every month or two, makes perfect sense.
  5. Enjoy the pampered life: Everyone deserves a little TLC on occasion. Having a professional waxing specialist tend to your grooming needs is a great experience at Tommy’s Wax Center. We make sure of it! At our CT waxing salons, we use warm towels to open pores, and apply premium wax keyed to your skin type. To complete your sideburn wax appointment, our attentive staff soothe and soften your skin with an enriching moisturizer.
  6. Show off your style: Maybe you just want your sideburn area “neatened up.” You may want to leave just a small line to sculpt your face or to express your eccentric character. According to your wishes, we can create the custom look you envision, or remove your front-of-ear hair entirely, with sideburn waxing for women or men.
  7. Make hairstyling easier: Some clients mention that they find precise pony-tailing simpler without sideburn hair. Once removed, they can swoop their hair into a neat ponytail without hair sticking out.
  8. Wear sunglasses comfortably: If you wear prescription eyewear, or just sunglasses, certain styles can pull on (or even pull out) your sideburn hair, unless you have little to no hair in front of the ears naturally. With the help of professional sideburn waxing, this will no longer be an issue.

If we’ve left something off the list, or you’d like to schedule a sideburn wax appointment, contact us at Tommy’s Wax Center today.