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How to Maintain Your Eyebrow Shape After Waxing

Waxing your brows is one of the quickest, most effective ways to keep them looking fabulous. However, you have to allow sufficient time between appointments to ensure your hair is long enough for removal. But how do you keep your brows under control during this time? The Tommy’s Wax Center team is here to help. Below, we’re breaking down a few simple tips for maintaining flawless brows in between waxing appointments. Let’s take a look!

Keep a Visual Record

Immediately after your brow waxing appointment, snap a selfie that provides an excellent close-up view of your brows. Because your brows never look better than when they’re freshly waxed, this is the perfect time to create a visual record to use as a guide in between appointments. By using your photo as a reference, you’ll know exactly where to do mild upkeep like tweezing.

Protect and Nourish Your Skin

It’s normal for your skin to be a bit red and irritated after waxing. At Tommy’s Wax Center, we apply a post-waxing product to help alleviate these symptoms and protect your skin. However, you can also follow up with some Aloe Vera gel at home. It’s both cooling and soothing, making it ideal for freshly waxed skin.

You should also avoid wearing makeup on or around your brows for a full day following your waxing appointment. Wearing brow makeup can intensify any irritation and may clog your still-open pores. It’s also best to avoid sun exposure, including indoor tanning. Ideally, you should give your brows a couple of days before exposing the skin to any potential irritants.

Maintain Your Brows Properly

When using any type of eyebrow makeup or product to fill in your brows, strive to adhere to your natural brow shape. Attempting a brow redesign between waxing appointments can end in disaster, as it may tempt you to over-pluck and possibly destroy the shape of your brows completely.

Although it can seem hard to resist, it’s best to avoid plucking as much as possible. Generally, you should only pluck stray hairs that are far away from your brows, and only remove them if they’re prominent enough to really bother you. Additionally, it’s absolutely crucial to avoid eyebrow razors or home waxing in between your professional eyebrow waxing appointments. If you take even a little bit too much off, you could end up with unsightly bald spots or brows that look much thinner than you intended.

The same is true of trimming your brows – it’s very easy to cut eyebrow hairs shorter than they should be, which creates a decidedly odd-looking brow line. Whenever you’re tempted to work on your brows at home, take another look at your photo and remind yourself of the look you’re striving for. You’ll likely find that leaving your brows alone is by far the better choice!

Ready to enjoy flawless brows? Contact Tommy’s Wax Center today for more information or to schedule your brow waxing appointment!