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Why is Leg Waxing Better than Shaving?

Depending upon how obsessed you are with smooth skin and eliminating body hair from you-know-where, professional leg waxing can be life-changing. Or at least super convenient, neater and longer lasting compared to de-fuzzing at home. Waxing legs at home is just waaaay too much trouble, mess and pain. (You’re trying to work from the wrong angle to wax legs, so to speak.) Shaving legs at home is an even worse option!

To Shave or Not To Shave? Why Waxing Legs at Tommy’s Makes You Forget Your Razor

Nobody likes shaving, as overwhelming results from our large, but informal, survey show. Waxing your legs in our salon has many enormous advantages you possibly never thought of before. You’ll find shaving very easy to give up–especially since Tommy’s CT waxing salons help you:

  • Be Smart: We live in an age of specialization, allowing dedicated service practitioners to build high-level expertise in almost any field. Leg waxing is no exception. Find a CT expert in waxing legs at Tommy’s, then spend the extra time doing…whatever you’re expert at.
  • Be Beautiful and Pampered: Ladies of Connecticut, a pro leg wax can make your long, lovely limbs look the best ever. Plus you get an affordable, yet high-end leg waxing experience at the same time. Leg waxing prices are very affordable, too.
  • Be Handsome and Pampered: For the guys, leg waxing can create a smoother, more touchable (and even a few degrees cooler) set of calves. Manscaping is very accepted these days, so don’t be afraid to sharpen up your look, with no razor needed.
  • Be a Winner: Sports and outdoor enthusiasts of any gender benefit from waxing legs at our local CT wax salons. Smooth legs improve your time by a few crucial milliseconds in both swimming and bike racing and make your rides (and bike shorts) more comfortable. Body builders know how great leg waxing (and whole-body waxing) make their hard (and hard-earned) muscles look! Prefer that pro-tennis player or beach-ready look? Leg waxing is the way to go.

Accomplishing all these advantages by shaving at home, however, is difficult and time-consuming at best. Decent razors or disposable shavers are pricey. The process makes your bathroom a mess and you can often cut yourself. Then you get to do it all over in a day or two! Waxing legs at one of the many Tommy’s Wax Salons in Connecticut, is clearly superior.

Once You Wax You’ll Never Go Back (to Shaving)

When you compare the home shaving chore with the relaxing leg waxing experience at Tommy’s Waxing Salons all across CT, you’ll find it’s no contest. Seriously, if you are new and nervous about your first leg wax, our professional waxing technicians will put you at ease. It’s so easy to try leg waxing at Tommy’s in Connecticut –because your first wax is always free and our results are always guaranteed. (Come back within two days for a touch up if we miss a spot!)

Tommy’s has many Connecticut locations, so you can easily fit a luxurious waxing appointment into your errands. Visit us about once every 6 weeks (depending upon hair density) and enjoy permanently smooth skin with no effort, muss or fuss.

See you soon at Tommy’s Wax Center! Call us today at (203) 891-7165 for your full leg wax!