Connecticut Wax Center

Facial Waxing

From eyebrows to lip to chin, nose, sideburns and even a full face wax, Tommy’s Wax Center offers a full menu of facial services. Whether you have coarse hair or fine downy hair, our wax is sure to leave your face smooth and silky allowing you to get kissably close with confidence.

A well-shaped eyebrow can actually do more for your face than almost any cosmetic. Our Wax Specialists will help you decide what shape best suits your face to highlight your individual beauty. Had a botched wax job in the past? Over tweezed to oblivion? A scar? Don’t worry, Tommy’s Wax Technicians will take care of you!

Facial waxing is not recommended if you are using Accutane, Retin A, or any other prescription topical or oral acne medication.  Our specialists will work with you to determine if waxing is right for you.