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Cleanest Waxing Place in Connecticut

Visiting a waxing salon shouldn’t be risky. You should be able to trust that proper care has been given to all of the equipment and supplies to ensure that only sanitary waxing is taking place. At Tommy’s, we go above and beyond with sanitation to make sure that we remain the cleanest waxing place in Connecticut. When you step into our waxing salon, you have nothing to worry about. Here’s an inside look at our meticulous cleaning procedures:

We Start with Hospital-grade Disinfectant


Immediately after each appointment at our waxing salon in Connecticut, we get to work thoroughly cleaning the tools with an antibacterial solution. Sanitary waxing is always our goal, so after the cleaning process is complete, we sanitize each item with a hospital-grade disinfectant.

Then We Use an Autoclave Machine

Even hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants can leave behind bacteria, spores, and germs, and we don’t want to take that risk. After an intense cleaning session, all of our utensils go into an autoclave. Autoclave machines are commonly used to sterilize surgical equipment with the power of steam. Due to the high pressure and specific ratio of liquid and gas (the formula is 3% liquid and 97% gas), it is able to create temperatures that are above boiling point (about 65°F hotter), allowing any residual bacteria, fungi, or other microscopic particles to dissipate. We would never want to take even the most miniscule chance that you could be at risk.

The Extra Touches

One step into our waxing salon in Connecticut and it will be clear that we keep the entire salon impeccable. After all, the cleanest waxing place in Connecticut can’t be achieved by simply sanitizing equipment. In addition to spotless rooms, our techs wear gloves during the entire process. So you know for sure the equipment we use on you is disinfected, we present it in a sterilized bag, and we promise to never double dip (ew!).

Our Customers Agree That We Are the Cleanest Waxing Place in Connecticut

Don’t take our word for it. Our waxing salons in Connecticut have ample reviews that specifically mention the cleanliness of our facilities:

  • Marissa G. states that we have a “pristine environment.”
  • Dionna B. reports that she “will only go to Tommy’s Wax Center. The minute you walk in you notice how clean and inviting it is.”
  • Kennesha P. raves that “the facility was clean and I was happy that I chose this place!”
  • Brooke M. says, “They have amazing staff and extremely clean facilities.”

We provide one of the cleanest waxing places in Connecticut without the spa prices. At our waxing salon, the first wax is always free, so stop by one of our two convenient locations in Connecticut today to see what sanitary waxing looks like.