Connecticut Wax Center

Biking & Brazilian Waxing

Tommy’s Wax Center offers a full menu of affordable services for women and men when it comes to removing the hair “down there”. Our Ipanema wax is made from the finest ingredients and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Be Seductive!

Our Brazilian Bikini Wax has got your covered! We remove all the hair from front to back leaving a shape in the middle if desired. If you are feeling adventurous, we can just go ahead and remove it all.

Be Sexy!

Want that smooth barely there look, but are a little shy about going around back? If so, our Full Bikini Wax is the service for you. We will remove everything except the strip down the back side, or customize a shape that is right for you.

Be Secretive!

Do you like to leave something to the imagination? Then our Bikini Line Wax is right for you. We remove the hair from the sides and top, keeping your secrets hidden.